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School of Hindi Language and Culture


Sanatan Shivarchan Trust (SST) Hindi School is catering for
children and young adults. We provide experiences to assist
our children to learn Hindi language and culture to enable
them to actively and confidently participate in their
community activities.

Cultural Programme

Many opportunities are given to students to show case their learnings through hosting and participating in events that are of cultural significances. This empowers students to take ownership of what is produced and therefore help them develop their confidence. This gives family and friends to catch a glimpse of all that students have learnt from the Sunday Hindi School.

Achieved through

  • Design and deliver a practical curriculum and teaching strategies.
  •  Involve parents, teachers and STT to provide a very conducive learning atmosphere.
  •  Have PTA family meetings for the social get together and the welfare of children.
  • Parents are encouraged to reinforce at home what the children learn.
  • Children display the skills learnt at the annual event.

Learning Objectives

  • Practical everyday Hindi dialog and glossary of terms.
  • Proficient with Hindi language basics in oral and written formats
  • Instilling Respect and Confidence
  • Hindu Arts and Performances
  • Music
  • Sanatan Cultural Practices


Parents and caregivers play a vital part in the functioning of this community based Hindi school. As such, school welcomes parent involvement in supporting school deliver constructive learning and activities.

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