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About Sanatan Shivarchan Trust

Formation -: Sanatan Shivarchan Trust was formed in August 1997. The formation of a trust was the vision of Aawahan Peethadhishwar Acharya Mahamandleshwar Shri 108 Swami Shivendra Puriji Maharaj. In 1998 a vacant lot was purchased and the Hall was constructed first. The Hall was completed and opened on 21 August 2002. And with the support of our people, the Temple was completed and opened on 29 May 2004.

Objectives -: The principal aim of the Trust is to promote better understanding and appreciation for the advancement of the Sanatan Dharam philosophy and Hindu language and culture without distinction of race, cast, creed and colour, in New Zealand. It is also to provide a centre for advancement for our children and the future generations of Sanatan Dharam Philosophy.

Shiv Temple

This is a dedicated Shiv Temple. Lord Shiv is represented by Narvedeshwar Shiv Ling. At the front of the Temple is Hanumanji.

The Temple is managed by a full time Priest from India. Devotees are welcome to get Pooja done at the Temple by the Temple Priest.

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